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Granted Access is a Scaffolding, Rigging & Labour Hire company based in Melbourne, operating in the Commercial, Industrial & Residential Sectors. We supply a complete range of services to facilitate any project, offering Engineered Access solutions, Project Management, Site Logistics and a multi-skilled Labour team.

Our philosophy of Safety, Efficiency, Reliability and Quality is what makes Granted Access a preferred choice for creative solutions to diverse circumstances.  View our about page--->

Safe, Efficient, Reliable, Quality

Our Approach

The Granted Access approach for delivering on time, every time is to adopt a methodical sequence of Planning, Design, Performance and Review, whether it be regarding simple or highly technical Scaffolding & Rigging applications.

Planning: Research & Analysis

Working with our clients we analyse the scope of works, obtaining an understanding of the complexities of a project and identifying obstacles or difficulties at an early stage.

Determining a course of action, ensures methods implemented suit our customer needs and provide the best possible solution to carry out works safely and efficiently.

Design: Innovation & Techniques

Our extensive knowledge of Scaffolding & Rigging techniques allows us to offer engineered solutions for any situation.

A focus on selection of materials and systems produces concepts and opens discussion's on suitability and practicality.

Embracing technology we have simplified the design process, producing 2D & 3D drawings to the highest standard. Viewable on any device, customers can interact with a designer to ensure updates can be performed seamlessly. This is what leads us to the optimum design.

Performance: Quality & Safety

This is the hands-on, Combining years of experience and a constant search for new techniques gives confidence we are employing the most appropriate work methodologies.

By creating a positive working culture, structuring tasks, communicating objectives and encouraging ideas;  workers feel empowered, ensuring a high quality of work, engagement in safety and respect of surroundings.

Do it once do it right, Working smarter not harder.

Review: Efficiency & Development

Granted Access continuously monitors projects; Improving logistics to, from and around site, Optimizing inventory used and stored on-site, Safety checks with prestart meetings and toolbox talks.

Reviewing adhesion to Plans, Designs and Work methodologies determines future efficiencies and simplifies cost evaluation.

Learning from mistakes, embracing change, taking ownership of problems and a passion for bettering ourselves is what drives the development of our company.


We are proud of the work we do and believe by applying the above approach we are giving our customers the best service possible.

Some of our Projects

A Reputation for innovative designs, reliable safety and precision has seen Granted Access awarded to some of Melbourne's most iconic and heritage sensitive sites, as you'll see from our projects portfolio.


Our projects show a fast array of solutions that can be used to overcome any challenge. View our projects page--->



The heart and soul of our business and what we do best! Applying knowledge and experience gained from around the Globe and Australia wide, then refining it to the Victorian market is what has set us apart.

Highly trained in the use of the Layher Lightweight scaffold system has provided us with more possibilities for so many situations...

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There is simply no better companion to scaffolding than rigging.

We understand the necessary skills and techniques required for Rigging in the Construction, Industrial & Entertainment sectors.

As simple as the actions may sound; lifting, moving and transporting, positioning, pulling and securing of, materials, plant and equipment is an integral part of any site...

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Labour Hire

Due to our extensive skill base and certification our labour services can be used for a range of applications such as;

Consultation for access & safety, design, high risk work, project management, site planning & logistics.

In addition we are able to perform remedial works, repairs or inspections...



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Some 80% of the total cost of scaffolding is attributable to loading and unloading trucks, and to construction-site erection and dismantling. We have addressed this issue, and found a solution. Because Granted Access has invested in Layher Lightweight we can drastically cut the cost of delivering scaffold to site, which means we can pass this cost savings on to our clients. Builders know the potential disruption that site deliveries can cause on site, thats why Layher Lightweight also means less disruption to your work site saving in more time and money. Layher simply means more possibilities.

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