ANZ Gothic Bank


 1. Restoration of the Heritage façade, Vernon chambers and Cash room ceilings.

 2. Replacement of Lead roof with Copper roof.

 3. Repairs to Roof Lantern of the ANZ Museum adjoining building.


 1. Isolation of the Public and Bank employees and working inside an operational bank.

 2. Creating a working platform to allow for roof replacement without being built from the roof.

 3. Providing access around the roof lantern, without adding loading to the structure.


 1. Overstreet Protective gantries to support scaffold for the façades and to allow for crane truck deliveries.

 2. Erection of a Flying shore scaffold supported solely between 2 adjacent walls, there was no support from below.

 3. Erect a Flying stair access tower to the adjoining ANZ Museum wall to gain access to the roof then erect a buttress scaffold  and cantilever around the Roof lantern, all of which was free standing.


 1. Façade works were completed with no disruption to the Public or Bank as the  scaffold gantries spanned the 3m wide footpath whilst maintaining a 10kpa rating.

 2. The roof replacement was completed without obstructions with the Flying shore scaffold being later used as an anchor & access point for minor repair works to be carried out from ropes.

 3. Using the Flying stair access from Gothic Bank scaffold to access the base of Museum roof lantern this meant an enormous saving in cost & time than having to build completely from the ground. The use of Allround system to create flying scaffolds (scaffolds not support from the ground) is something other scaffold systems can not achieve.

Project: ANZ Gothic Bank

Info: Restoration 2014 - 2015

cLIENT: jll/hbs gROUP

Systems used:

  • Façade Scaffold
  • Buttress
  • Flying Shore
  • Cantilever
  • Flying Stair Access
  • Rigging
  • Remedial - Safety Works