Pole House


 1. The requirement for GD Constructions was to provide a working platform with roof edge protection to install structural steel for walls & roof and a working platform with floor slab edge protection for the removal of existing balcony handrails and installation of the new guardrails.


 1. Given that the 8x8m house sits on a 15m pole with its foundations on an inclined slope, the options of erecting a scaffold from the ground was a costly option. Added to this the balcony was only 800mm wide and with clear working space being an issue it was important to produce a design that allowed for all of the building trades to complete their works.


 1. The solution was to erect a cantilevered perimeter scaffold from the balcony.

 2. The use of beams were not an option as this did not allow for the building to be made watertight. Using the bracing components of the system removed the need for beams and ensured all of the cladding & glass could be installed.

 3. GA completed the removal of the old balcony handrails, glass panels & cantilevered posts by erecting hanging scaffold directly from the initial cantilevered perimeter scaffold.


For the builder this meant the building could be completed without the need to change the scaffold or wait for parts to be dismantled to allow for installation of building materials, hence producing time & cost savings.

Project: Pole House

Info: Demolition & Construction of the Pole House 2013. Built in the 1970's

cLIENT: GD Constructions

Systems used:

  • Perimeter Scaffold
  • Rope Access
  • Hanging
  • Cantilever
  • Remedial Works
  • Rigging