Queen Victoria Woman's Centre


 1. Restoration of Heritage façade

 2. Making building watertight

 3. Separation of the Woman's Centre and Site compound & amenities


 1. Contours of the building; Entrance, balconies, cornices and eves.

 2. Provision to allow for removal scaffold standards to waterproof balconies.

 3. Isolation of the Public, Woman's Centre employees, vehicle traffic around the site.


 1. Façade scaffold bridging the entrance with single level returns onto balconies and a lifting bay to hoist building materials.

 2. Erect Allround truss scaffold to allow for the removal of standards on balconies.

 3. 5Kpa Overhead protective gantries at street level and to the disabled access ramp.


 1. Operation of the Woman's Centre was uninterrupted by building works due to full containment of scaffold. From a safety standpoint we achieved no breaks, laps or changes in levels on the scaffold which eliminates trips hazards on the decks.

 2. Waterproofing was completed whilst the façade scaffold remained in place.

Works were completed ahead of schedule due to the large storage area created by the gantries.

Project: Queen Victoria Woman's Centre

Info: Restoration 2014 & 2016


Systems used:

  • Façade Scaffold
  • Truss Bridge
  • Gantry
  • Cantilever
  • Remedial Works
  • Rigging