The heart and soul of our business and what we do best! Applying knowledge and experience gained from around the Globe and Australia wide, then refining it to the Victorian market is what has set us apart.


Highly trained in the use of the Layher Lightweight scaffold system has provided us with more possibilities for so many situations; complex shapes, delicate structures, exposed edges, hazardous environments, heavy loads, large spans, limited access, ornate architecture, sensitive sites, time constraints and adverse weather conditions are all simplified making our solutions the fastest, safest and most economical option.


Modern ideas and concepts

We offer engineered scaffolding solutions for Access, Aircraft, Bridges, Building, Concerts, Concreting,  Construction, Demolition, Emergencies, Fall protection, Film and Television, Factories, Facades, Formwork, Gantries, Industrial Plants, Maintenance, Marine, Protective enclosures, Rail, Road, Remedial, Restoration, Stairways, Shoring, Shutdowns, Tunnels, Towers, Weather Protection.


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High-level construction sites, escape stairway towers or temporary stairway systems in unfinished buildings. With Layher scaffolding systems, all kind of accesses can be provided inside the system. No more makeshift or ad-hoc solutions, and no heavy special structures made of steel. Modular design permits expansion at any time.


Access to wall formwork and fitting of steel reinforcements using reinforced scaffolding with supporting bays and without wall ties. Tension-proof standard joints permit crane positioning of the scaffolding right where it is needed. Bracket-mounted walkways on semi-finished walls can be fitted without any problems thanks to the cavity wall bracket adapter. What‘s more, a wide range of solutions are available for final plastering or covering of the façades.


Work on flat roofs requires special fall prevention equipment, which the Layher range includes as standard parts. Logistic solutions for economical storage and rapid transport to the place of use, such as system pallets, crane eyelets or material hoists round off the Layher product range.


Absorbing of heavy loads during concreting work for ceilings of all types is made easy with Shoring TG 60. Flexible bay lengths in the modular Allround Scaffolding permit a perfect match with all local conditions. Combinations of shoring and work scaffolding are possibly without any problems.


Working regardless of the weather, or the protection of passers-by from a wide range of activities is made possible by Layher‘s protective systems. Temporary weather protection roofs – which can also be moved to ensure that as little material as possible is used – permit construction work in any weather and in any season. The Protect System, a dust-proof enclosure system, allows work scaffolding to be enclosed, dust and noise protection walls to be put up, or a construction site to be closed off from the outside.

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Systems used:

  • Façade Scaffold
  • Bridging
  • Hanging Scaffold
  • Mobile Towers
  • Gantry
  • Cantilevered
  • Stairways
  • Public Access
  • Formwork
  • Shoring
  • Public Protection
  • Temporary Roofing


There is simply no better companion to scaffolding than rigging.

We understand the necessary skills and techniques required for Rigging in the Construction, Industrial & Entertainment sectors.

As simple as the actions may sound; lifting, moving and transporting, positioning, pulling and securing of, materials, plant and equipment is an integral part of any site.

The advantages we provide by utilising rigging methods to solve access requirements are tremendous.

Applications such as; crane-able scaffolds reduce the need for working at heights, mobile birdcage scaffold on castors or tracks removes the need for dismantling & re-erection of for relocations, rolling temporary roofs provides mobile weather protection, suspended scaffolds on chains or wire ropes replaces the need for large scaffold installs from the ground, Installation of chain hoists and running beams allow for movement of heavy materials like stone.

This is where you'll notice a difference in our service

Where static scaffold are un-economical we can provide moving work platforms such as Swing-stages, Mast climbers or Bosun's Chair.

Reducing manual labour and the logistics of getting materials onto or around the site are made possible by our knowledge and experience in the use of plant and mechanical aides.

Plant: Crane, Franna, Forklift, Materials hoist, Chain & Wire rope hoists.

Unpowered plant: Trolleys,  Chain blocks, Chain levers, Tirfor winch, rollers, skates.

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We operate with a Positive, Friendly, down to earth can-do attitude.

- Granted Access


Due to our extensive skill base and certification our labour services can be used for a range of applications such as;

Consultation for access & safety, design, high risk work, project management, site planning & logistics.

In addition we are able to perform remedial works, repairs or inspections.

Well versed in a variety of trades we are able remove the need for a sub contractors to work at heights, performing the works ourselves from, temporary structures, elevated work platforms or via rope access,

Recognized for mastery of traditional tube & coupler scaffolding, enables us to understand any modular scaffold system designed for access, working platforms or support.

Our professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction is what has seen us as a trusted service and brought about genuine lasting relationships.

Labour Services:

  • Advanced Scaffolding
  • Electrical Spotting
  • Elevated Work Platform
  • Advanced Rigging
  • Remedial Work
  • Traffic Management
  • Confined Space
  • Rope Access & Rescue
  • Man & Materials Hoist
  • Welding
  • Safe access to asbestos removal areas