State Library


 1. The requirement for the Principal contractor has to gain access to perform restoration works to the Dome façades.


 1. Access to the Dome façades was to only be from the external of the building and from a small compound on Lt Lonsdale St 70m away from the Dome.

 2. The engineering behind this project was no easy task, the Parapet walls where not to loaded horizontally and no load was to be applied on the Library roofs to support scaffold to the Dome façades.


 1. Access to the roof was initially gain via a stretcher stair access tower, until a Man & materials hoist could be installed.

 2. Loading gantries where created from Trussed Allround scaffold and spanned the roofs of the Library buildings, these gantries where used for site amenities and movement and storage of all the scaffold and building materials needed to complete the project.

 3. Flying cantilevered scaffold with external stair access & lifting bay were used on the main Dome façades with no load to the Lower Library roofs.

 4. Trussed Allround scaffold was employed over the Dome wings supported at each end of the wings on the structural walls.


 1. The pinnacle of the scaffold design and installation was not a single break in the scaffold from the Stretcher stair access on the ground to Flying cantilevered scaffold that completely surrounded the dome.

Using the Allround system GA was able to complete this project with No cranes or Steel beams, the Cost & Time savings were almost to great to quantify when compared to our solution.

Project: State Library Of Victoria

Info: rESTORATION to the Dome Façades 2014 - 2015


Systems used:

  • Façade Scaffold
  • Stretcher Access
  • Cantilever
  • Rigging
  • Hanging
  • Birdcage
  • Loading Gantry
  • Lifting Bay